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dj_van_gilder's Journal

9 November 1980
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I'm big into Anime, Go, Brewing, and DJing. Those and a million other things. My hobby, I like to say, is hobbies. I tend to get deep into whatever I do.
12 oz mouse, amature radio, amélie, animal rights, anime, animefest, archery, audio, audio engineering, baduk, band of brothers, bass, beekeeping, beer, beer chan, behringer, bongs, braids, brewing, burritos, cakewalk, cao, cardioid microphones, cats, cd mixing, cigars, civil war re-enacting, clint mansell, cohiba, condenser microphones, cubans, cubase, cw, daleks, dancing, darren aronofsky, daw, demonstrations in physics, digital recording, disco house, djing, doctor who, dr. pepper, dreamcast, drum machines, dx, dynamic microphones, electronic music, electronica, eurobeat, evangelion, fansubs, fatar, firefighting, foreign films, freckles, full sail, garland, girls with long hair, global underground, go, go-ban, green party, guns, gunsmith cats, hair fetish, ham radio, hana yori dango, hare krisna, helix, hf, hikaru no go, home recording, home studio, hookah, house, house parties, hunter s. thompson, icom, igo, initial d, japan, joe french, julius sumner miller, jungle, kare kano, kegging, keyboards, kitana, korg, long hair, manga, mastering, microphones, midi, mixing, music, music business, music producer, music production, narghile, neil gaiman, neverwhere, oscar wilde, padron, paintball, pale skin, panties, parties, photography, pi, pigtails, pioneer, ponytails, primus, progressive house, punch, raves, reason, recording, recording studio, red hair, red heads, requiem for a dream, run lola run, sheesha, shisha, shoujo, sonar, sony, sound, sound art, sound design, sound engineering, stolichnaya russian vodka, strongbad, subs, synths, tascam, texas, tom baker, tom tykwer, trance, uk garage, ushicon, vegetarian, vegetarianism, weed, wei ch'i, wine